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To have all the magic tricks in your bag! 

Miriam's goal is to give you the tools and sharpen your skills to help you achieve the look of your choice. The classes are given at my home studio in Montreal (Verdun). 


This class is designed for a person who already has knowledge in makeup and would like to bring new tricks in her everyday routine or even change looks between seasons. 

What this consutlation is all about:

- Learn about your own morphology and how to enhance it

- Create a personalised makeup with a step by step chart

- Tips and tricks for a youthful skincare and makeup routine


Duration: 1h

Cost: 100$

* A deposit is required to reserve your event.


The makeup class is for women of all ages, beginners or experimented that wish to enhance their beauty with makeup and take care of themselves. 

What the makeup class is all about: 

- I will demonstrate a step by step look on half of your face followed by a practice by you on the other half of your face 

- Morphology analysis to create a makeup look that lightens up your best features 

-Revisit your makeup bag and learn of helpful tools to add to it 

- Tips and tricks to a flawless and youthful look

Duration: 2h

Cost: 150$ 


* A deposit is required to reserve your event. 


The group classes are very popular for special events such as bachelorette parties and birthdays or get together with friends or family. It is also a good option to attend with coworkers if you would like to learn more about a work appropriate look. 

What the group class is all about: 

- Explanation and demonstration of a daytime makeup look

- Practice and individual application, step by step, with your own mirror

-Makeup and tools provided for this class

2 people Duration: 2h  Cost: 200$ 

3 people Duration: 2h30 Cost: 250$

4 people Duration: 3h Cost: 300$


* A deposit is required to reserve your event. 


- Demonstration of a rejuvating makeup look on a model

- Possibility to choose a specific type of makeup to reproduce 

-  Duration and cost to determine: the amount of people attending, the location and type of makeup to demonstrate

* A deposit is required to reserve your event. 

Your makeup bag needs a refresh?

Come with me on a makeup shopping session for just a little extra! Ask for it when you will book your makeup class, you won't regret it!   

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